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they killed killa, B!

...haha, the greatest shit...

lastnight i got fucken BAKED like nasty, and watched Half Baked with my grandparents.

seeing as though my grandpa is a stoner, i thought he'd like the movie more than my grandma...turns out i was wrong!
grandma liked it a lot, dude...she was fucken laughin like crazy...grandpa on the other hand-not so much.

he even tried going to bed early...haha, oh well...better luck next time.

this morning i wake up to the damn TV blasting from the livingroom. every morning it's either the dogs barking away, grandma yellin at grandpa about his weed being everywhere, or the damn television.
*i need some ear plugs, seriously...*

haha, the kinda ear plugs that keep sound out. i realized that can be taken two ways...plugs you use to gage ur ears, and plugs you use to keep the annoying out.

very nice

*i made the mistake of asking for the JenaBean at a different STARBUCKS today, and it came out hella chocolately...not even a hint of vanilla bean. i dont know, perhaps we'll just have to go to Florence everyday for Starbucks*

i definitly dont mind...

hmm...what else, what else...?

i guess nothing...i'll probably think of all kinds of junk to write about while i'm chillen watching tv shows that my grandparents are into...

yumm...got some coke n rum for tonight. i have the bottle of captain morgans chillen in the freezer...it's probably nice n frosty now...

AHH! IT'S 420!!! ah, fuck...nevermind, it's 421 now

i think i'll make me a drink, and then smoke a fatty...

*everyone loves a fatty*
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