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420 tomorrow, and i have no dank...

well, here's the scoop:

can't go to cali til fucken may 3rd...probably not even then. i'm just guess that's when we'll go, but i think i should officially STOP assuming when we can begin out mission to cali because everytime i do-it gets posponed for fucken days on end.

uhm...got in touch with an old friend, who's been on my myspace about as long as me and jenn lived together in moses lake. that's two years, guys...wtf. i know.

today she sent me and email saying that she heard i'm comin back to the 818

and that's when it hit me...

but the funny shit is...like, she asked us to be her friend when me and jenn like first moved to moses or some shit...me and jenn looked at her piks and couldn't figure out who she was so we figured she probably saw us in a bar or something in moses lake...so we added her and asked no questions.

recently she's been leaving comments saying hi and what not...tonight she send me that email and when i put all the pieces together i fucken tripped out. like wtf, how come i didn't notice that shit BEFORE?! i dont know, shits crazy...

she wants to roll out with me to some clubs when i hit up CALI...i'm fucken down.

i've got so many *dates* dude, lol...i dont know, i can't wait though.
i get to kick it with PALEY AGAIN! oh man, i need one of his *paley* hugs...i miss my cousin...he used to be my best friend man, and i cant wait to get that back.

i dont know, we both came to the conclusion we were better people back when we hung out everyday...like, we've become these people that are still down as fuck...just...i dont know-different. it's hard to explain, and people probably wont notice the difference...but we do man. it'll be good to be able to go to my cousins room and just talk about all the shit buggin me. only this time we can crack open an ice cold 40 and fucken dust a danky bowl or that bomb ass cali chronic.


went out to dinner tonight, felt like a piece of meat-for the second time today.

on the way home we start the car and The Pussycat Dolls old song "Dont Cha" was on...my grandma turns the radio up, says she loves that song and starts singing along to the chorus dudes...yeah...like it's one thing for them to like that song, it's a good song, but it's another thing when they actually know the lyrics and shit...it is the CUTEST THING. fucken dorothy, i swear.

we go to starbucks today...get back to the car, open the door and smoke just barrrels outta the car-gpas sitting in there listening to paramore, gettin stoned.

haha, yes...tight i know.

anyway, i forgot to mention how the Rhiana song "Please Dont Stop The Music" came on when we were pulling into the resort shit my gprents live on and my gma turns the radio up louder and says, "gosh, it figures right when we get home they play a good song"

haha...man, i swear...and to think-this whole time i thought they were being nice and kept that station on for me. dope...that's all i have to say...

*i've descovered the ONE spot in this whole TOWN where my phone gets service*

my bathroom...haha. i was in there token it up and my phone chirped letting me know i had service...i was like-WHAT THE FUCK! THATS TIGHT!

of course i wish i could've figured that out two fucken weeks ago...haha. this whole time i've had a place to get my phone activated and shit like that and i just happen to stumble on that shit TONIGHT?


anyway...i'm starting to think that i think someones a fucken cutey...

...yeah, my minds made up...i do...

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