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...chop me up...

for some reason this song makes me think about someone...haha, it's tight too, right?

this song's hella alright in my book. it took me a minute to find a damn video that wasn't a bunch of clips that featured him in some kinda shirtless pose. haha. i wanted to find one with the lyrics...cause it's the lyrics i like, well...beats kool too. the whole fucken songs tight.

but yeah it reminds me of this gurl...no names, no hints...just *this gurl*.

spilt water on my lap trying to give the dogs a drink! yes, that's how things just work for me. and then dorothy wanted to take a picture of me in front of the ocean, but the water spillage shit...haha. would've made for a good picture.

it was windy too, so i was a little chilled. breezy.

well, enjoy the song.
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