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aint no stoppin, i'm still poppin...


...while hanging up my clothes i found a couple things in the pocket of my dickies. chapstick, two dollars, and a lighter. i wonder what i'd find if i were to check all my pants...before i left oregon i did all my laundry and inside the pocket of those same dickies i found an old "love note" from YOU KNOW WHO. glad that shit got destroyed by the washer, because even the little notes i'm finding in my "piece book" fucken suck.

maybe that's what i'll do for a little bit today...go through and rip all those little lovey dovey notes outta everything. eileen handled one for me-n now its time to finish the job.

i hate that my face is dry...because that means i have to put lotion on it-and putting anything on my face makes me feel like i'm clogging my pores haha.

*i have a thing about that kinda stuff*

just like i can't STAND my nails being dirty...fuck no. or my tattoos being ashy..NO NO NO...

anything i wanna get out of, like hugs sharing drinks ANYTHING...i just say, "nah, i can't....i have a "thing" about that kinda stuff" and TADAA! it works.

like a charm.

except, i really do have a "thing". i am not some weirdo about germs, i dont have OCD...just something in the middle. haha.

i wanna change my default pik...but dont have a clue as to what pik i wanna put up...

a lil help?

kay, i think i'm gonna frollick on over to my room and finish watching my movie...and then...?
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