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do you wanna eat, do you wanna sleep, do you wanna drown?!

this song makes me wanna bounce...so i am. right along to the beat.

*is something wrong with me, something wrong with you?! i really wish i knew wish i knew wish i knewwwww*


so i had a FUCKEN BLAST LASTNIGHT. i went and bought 2 12 packs of that nati ice...vienna came through with that bottle of captain morgans. needless to say after we got some coke to go with it-that shit was gone in a half an hour. me, eileen, vienna, and mary just stuck to the coke bottle like it was our life line. haha. we were supposed to go get some budski and then come back to my house but we ended up migrating to simi valley...where we were stuck til about 4 in the morning.

i feel bad about not being able to see *her* AGAIN...but i drunkenly rambled on the phone to her for...who knows how long. to me it only felt like a couple minutes, but recently when i've gotten drunk my perception of time is WAY off. haha.

i just have to say that i came home to the CUTEST fucken message i've ever gotten in my life. i reread it today, and its still sooo cute. it's making me think about her already...so you can only imagine that i'm anxious for her to make her way onto myspace.

haha, i drunkenly called her at like 430 in the morning, too...drunk people, i swear. i love them. haha.

why were wet willys and flying birds the life of the party lastnight? haha. i love flying birds...for reals. even the tangled messes you get into after everyones jumped in...but i love them.

me, vienna, and eileen had to bust a mission to get jerica some vodka...that was A MISSION. just imagine three drunken people lookin blown as fuck wobbling through ralphs. we get to the cashier and decide vienna and eileen should let some other girl go in front of them (but behind me) so it didn't look like i was buying the alcohol for them. but i was soooo wsated that i felt the need to wear viennas HUGE ASS glasses...as if that didnt look obvious. haha...those glasses. HUGENESS and on my drunken ass-dude probably knew that i was wasted. then jerica was a couple bucks short-and paley hadn't given me my change yet..so i was like, "how come when i buy alcohol for someone i'm ALWAYS short..." so the girl who was next in line told me she'd handle it for me...THANKS RANDOM CHICK! that was tight..well, it was nice.

got back to Eileens finally and jerica made it known that i HAD to take shots with her and Eileen in the kitchen...so off i went. i'm just glad they had kool-aid to chase that shit...last time i drank raspberry vodka i chugged it and it's not been nice to me since...but lastnight it was all good. but trust that was the first and last shot of that vodka that i took lastnight.

it was a big ol shot too!

thought i was gonna be sleepin at Eileens...made a bed an all...i was even laying down already-TRYING to go to sleep. i think we were laying down for a good while before paley came in and said that Alex was gonna give us a ride home...so that was cool.

WET WILLY...i swear ur ears probably have never felt cleaner dude...ur welcome. haha.

*but shorty i'mma hit it, hit like i cant miss*

today i'm pretty sure i can find more random bruises on me from the random ass punches everyone was throwing at everyone lastnight. mary was the only one who wasn't gettin punched-and that's because she MANNED UP AND GOT DRUNK. she hasn't put it down since i've been here-and vienna didn't even have to ask mary to drink she just handed the bottle of captain n coke to her and mary chugged that shit.

ouch dude...if i rub the top of my legs i can totally feel those bruises. haha. oh boy. these drunken adventures of ours-I LOVE THEM...

last friday was off the hook, and this friday was no different.

i agree with eileen-every friday should be fucken off the hook like that.

*sexxxy can i?*

::waiting for face indication::
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