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♥ doesn't matter wat they said, cause we were good in bed...

i totally like her...

but my secret is:

i've known this for some time now...

i'm totally crushing like a little fucken 2nd grader, but i like it because its different. i haven't had any girl make me feel as giddy as this since elementary school-and now that i do have this "crush" thing going on i think its totally cute.


i got shut down lastnight. haha...bad timing.
but i got what i wanted in my dream. even the butterfly feeling felt SO REAL.

outta control...she's my kryptonite. definitly.

i'm stoked...and she totally knows what i think about her but i'm not sure if giving someone that kinda power is a good thing. =) might be, but who knows.

*shes got me just screwed up, off of her melody...FOR SURE*
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