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whats wrong with kicken it when ur bored and lit?

got fucken WASTED lastnight, again. secretly, i dig it though.

i smashed the shit outta my knee on some rocks lastnight at this random beach that we ended up at. vienna came through with that captain morgans-right on. and eventually we ended up with a case of budlight, but i dont think people got into that mix too much. me and vienna musta been thirsty or something. haha.

i've been rockin my red ass hair since yesterday but i always end up with my hat on. today i had to put my hat on because i'm wearing a bright green shirt and lets face it-with red ass hair it doesn't look right.

kicken it tonight, lookin forward to it. i haven't had coronas in a minute-so lets see what happens. i dont think i'm gonna be getting too crazy, my knee wont allow it.

im listening to songs by unwritten laws first cd...and i must say-i miss that CD.

time to go, i'll have to post abouut these awesome songss later...
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