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sumo wear

i have a gf.

im stoked...but worried at the same time. Maybe not worried, maybe the word im lookin for is paranoid.

i dont want my karma coming back to me through her...n i dont want to be her karma either.

im love chillen with her...

went to da hippy n jewkies lil shindig for brandon n garren on saturday. My gf came along...it was cute of her.

i hope chelle didnt feel awkward...i knw da hippy likes my gf...n i hope chelle will like her too.

i like my gf so chelle should knw my gf must be the shit.

went to vegas lasnight...dillon decided at like 10 that he wanted to bust that mission...so off we were.

it was fun...my first time driving there...and the ppl i went with are awesome. I just wish my head didnt hurt...n i wish i didnt feel pukey. But other than that...good times.

cept the hot ass, quiet ride home. Too hott...n i was pretty much left entertaining myself.

shes addicted to her phone. =)

time to finish my damn jack daniels n coke.

ppeeaaccee n sexxx

i wanna sexxx her up...
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